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Art of Kuhmali

Oula, the Spirit of the Lake

Oula, the Spirit of the Lake

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Original 54x44” acrylic on canvas. 

Oula is the guide between the Spirit and Physical Worlds.  A mysterious being equipped with sweet temptations.  A friend close to the fairies, spirits, dwarfs and all other magical beings who occupy the grounds at The Spirit of the Suwannee. A light where others have dwindled. 

I had a blast bringing this one to life at this past year's Suwannee Hulaween in Live Oak, Florida.  It was a magical time painting live to music while everyone frolicked through the forest.  The background took on the likings of the grounds in which I began the painting.  Later finished in the studio, this is the newest addition to the mushroom riders in my ongoing series following Osmo and Ötzi. This is Oula, The Spirit of the Lake.

Equipped with hidden UV reactive colors. (see photos for a glimpse)

Payment plans are open to discussion!  Please feel free to dm me on Facebook or email me at for more info. 




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