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Art of Kuhmali

Land Phil Pins

Land Phil Pins

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** Single blind bag - 1 blind bag PER PERSON (for the 1st hour) **

ATTENTION: If you've used a drop buddy at Tipper & Friends you yourself cannot go for the drop. If you're caught purchasing more than 1 blind bag per person you and or your drop buddy will be black listed from future drops.

3" x 2D Pins, 5 back posts, epoxy

OG - LE 125 on Black Dyed Metal - screen print + full glow
Candy Spill - LE 75 on Copper Metal - full glitter + glow
Disco Phil - LE 50 on Rainbow Anodized Metal - full glitter + glow (colored by Katie Brittingham x KUHMALi)
Methane Brain - LE 25 on Antique Brass - full glitter + glow (colored by Katie Brittingham)
Nocturnal Colonel - LE 15 on Purple Metalic Metal - full glitter + glow
Dumpster Milk - LE 2 - opal glitter + glow (raffle variant - raffle will occur Saturday May 20th 12pm EST)

(OVER 230+ pins still AVAILABLE after the Tipper & Friends in person drop)
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