Devolve Raffle Tickets
Devolve Raffle Tickets
Devolve Raffle Tickets

Devolve Raffle Tickets

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 ‘DEVOLVE’ – an original art collaboration 

Ben Carl x Chris Fun x KUHMALi

25x19" framed acrylic on canvas, finished with archival Gamvar varnish

We are pleased to announce the first open waffle open to all KUHMALi supporters across platforms (Facebook/Instagram)! This is your chance to own a an original by participation.


1. You may purchase multiple spots (unlimited) to up your chances at winning

2. Deadline for purchasing waffle spots is Sunday, January 22nd, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST

3. *Discounts offered for multiple spots purchased in any single order – select your desired number of spots in the drop down options in the provided link

RESERVE: $1300 – this is the retail (shipping included) for ‘DEVOLVE’ and must be met before running the waffle. Should we exceed the reserve, additional prizes will be revealed for multiple winners!


On Monday, January 22nd, 2022, around 6PM CST, a video drawing will be posted along with a spreadsheet of all participants and their waffle spots for transparency. If there are multiple winners, the first name drawn will have the option of selecting from the prize pool, and so on. 

We thank you, new and continued supporters, for being part of this ever growing KUHMALi group and wish you all the best of luck!