The Art of KUHMALi

KUHMALi is a visionary art brand created by artist Aaram Kamali. Based in Tennessee, Aaram primarily uses acrylic, ink, colored pencils and mixed-media on canvas and paper. His style is inspired by flora and fauna found on and around the forest floor.  With a style brought to you with a twist of Art Nouveau and Surrealism, Aaram animates his notorious fungal creatures and wild animals bursting in floral matter. With a background in graphic design, he takes his original artwork and creates apparel and other accessories. You can find Aaram painting live at music festivals or exploring national and state parks.

  • Studio Painting

    Solo and collaborative work taking place in the studio. Primarily using acrylic on canvas.

  • Mural Painting

    Large scale installation paintings/murals for music, arts and trade shows.

  • Live Painting

    Performance canvas painting from start to finish during music and arts festivals.